Help Center

So it’s the big day of your party, you have your bounce house or inflatable game, and your guests will be here soon. But what if you’re running into trouble? No worries, just check out our FAQ page. And if you still can’t quite figure the problem out, give us a call. We’re happy to help!

Trouble inflating your bounce house?

We get this question a lot from bounce house rookies. Luckily, it’s usually a pretty simple fix. For larger units, check the zipper in the back of the unit, or the trap door in front. See the video to see exactly where these are located.

Still not working? For all units, check to make sure all tubes on the bounce house are cinched off. Gently push up on spires to allow air to flow into top of the unit.

These are the most common issues when trying to inflate a bounce house.

I picked up my bounce house but I can’t get it back into my vehicle. What should I do?

This happens sometimes. It’s like trying to fit a air mattress back into it’s cover after you inflate it. If you really can’t get the bounce house back in your car or truck, you can call and have us come pick it up. This costs half the delivery price.

Do you deliver?

We do! However, delivery rates vary by town and order. (see chart?)

I rented a DIY tent kit and need a little guidance.

We’d love to help! Contact us directly and we’ll walk you through it – or even show you.